Marvel’s Spider-Man: 13 Suits That Would Be Awesome in a Sequel

Insomniac has done a tremendous job with Marvel’s Spider-Man. The landmark game is not only a joy to play, but has a ton of great fan service for Spidey fans. One of the best ways the game does this is with Spider-Man’s suits.

Insomniac has done a tremendous job with Marvel’s Spider-Man. The landmark game is not only a joy to play, but has a ton of great fan service for Spidey fans. One of the best ways the game does this is with Spider-Man’s suits. Spider-Man by far has the best gallery of suits of any superhero and Insomniac has put a lot of work into capturing them in the game.

With the release of the last downloadable content for the game, Silver Lining, the suit total now sits at 38. That is the most in a Spider-Man game and includes much-requested ones like the Sam Raimi suit. However, there are still many suits that would be great to see in a sequel:

Black Suit


Let’s get this one out of the way. This is the most wanted suit that didn’t end up in the game and it was for good reason. In an interview with Kinda Funny Games, Creative Director Bryan Intihar addressed why the suit didn’t make an appearance.

“I think that something like that suit deserves its day in the spotlight, and I think just making it an unlockable suit wouldn’t do it justice,” Intihar said. “It’s one of the best stories for Spider-Man, and I think it’s a complex story, that story needs to be told and needs to be told in the way that Insomniac would tell it.”

Besides that, this suit speaks for itself. It is about as iconic as it gets, representing Peter’s first encounter with the alien symbiote that would go on to form Venom. It is likely to make an appearance in the next game and it will be exciting to see Insomniac’s take on this essential story.

Amazing Spider-Man 2


While the other movie suits got some love in Marvel’s Spider-Man, the best live action suit didn’t make an appearance. Despite how you feel about 2014’s Amazing Spider-Man 2, you cannot deny the beauty of this look. It is classic Spider-Man with a great webbing pattern and gorgeous white eyes. Sadly this is one we are not likely to see due to various issues that include licensing and promotional conflicts, but it sure would look lovely.

Assassin Spider-Man


Assassin Spider-Man is a Spider-Man from another dimension and you are going to hear that phrase a few times in this article. Trained by Wolverine, this version of Peter has no qualms killing, working as an international assassin for hire. Basically, if Deadpool was Spider-Man, this would be his suit.

Cosmic Spider-Man


This suit would be beautiful if done right in the game. Across all dimensions, this is the most powerful Spider-Man of all. This version of Pete possesses the Enigma Force, a powerful gift that has embedded multiple characters throughout dimensions in the Marvel universe. It grants Peter world-altering abilities such as flying, telekinesis, and a much-enhanced spider-sense.

In the event Spider-Verse, the dimension inhabited by Cosmic Spider-Man, Earth-13, acts as a safe haven for Spiders across the dimensions. He is the only Spider-Man that the Inheritors, vampires who travel dimensions hunting and devouring spider-people, truly fear.  That’s why Cosmic Spider-Man is a badass (even though he does get eaten by Solus).

Future Foundation Spider-Man


This suit was given to Peter after he joined the Fantastic Four, renamed the Future Foundation, after the death of Johnny Storm. This black and white suit allows Peter to switch from Spider-Man suits to normal clothes on the fly thanks to the use of unstable molecules. It can switch to stealth mode in an instant, which sports an inverted color scheme. It is also impossible to get dirty, which is great for someone like Peter.

The Bombastic Bag-Man


Talking about the Fantastic Four, here is a different time where Spidey found himself wearing a suit designed by Reed Richards. After Richards separated the alien symbiote from Peter, it completely destroyed his original suit. Peter had to use a classic Fantastic Four suit with a brown paper bag on his head to keep his identity secure. It also had a “kick me” note on the back, placed by Johnny Storm.

The Hornet


This suit, designed by Mary Jane, was worn by Peter during Identity Crisis, when Spide-Man was on trial for murder. The suit also features a wing harness which was designed by Hobie Brown, also known as the Prowler. Hobie was unable to use the wings because they were too heavy, but Spider-Man was able to handle the weight due to his super strength. During this time, Peter also had three other aliases including Ricochet, Dusk and Prodigy.

Spider-Man 1602


This version of Spidey is from the mind of legendary comic writer Neil Gaiman. In the Marvel 1602 universe, Peter Parquagh lives in London and is the apprentice of Sir Nicholas Fury. He goes by the alias of  “The Spider,” and fights crime after being bitten by an energy exposed spider. He was killed by Morlun during Spider-Verse, but this look is still very unique and would be nice to see in a game.

Sensational Spider-Man (Ben Reilly)


Both Scarlet Spider suits are featured in Marvel’s Spider-Man, but Ben Reilly’s suit from his time as Spider-Man deserves some love as well. Ben Reilly, one of the many clones of Peter Parker, took up the mantle of Spider-Man during the infamous Clone Saga. Despite the polarizing nature of that story, the Sensational Spider-Man suit is really well designed. It features an awesome spider logo on the front with long arching legs and shiny metal wristlets.

House of M Spider-Man


House of M is a weird, massive Marvel event, but at least it gave us this neat little suit.  In House of M, Scarlet Witch creates a pocket universe in which Pete has a perfect life. He is loved by everyone, married to Gwen Stacey and has a son with her.  Nevertheless, it isn’t the most drastic redesign for Spider-Man, but it is still great.

Aracnido Jr.


Another one introduced in Spider-Verse.  The son of a wrestler, Aracnido Jr. became the guardian of Mexico City after gaining spider powers and witnessing the death of his father. His suit is inspired by luchador traditions and has stunning hues of blue and red. The original art style for him, drawn by Enrique Puig, is quite striking and could look fantastic in a game.

Space Suit Spider-Man


This is a fun one Insomniac could throw in.  During Spider-Man: Worldwide, Spider-Man goes into space with Nick Fury in order to hack S.H.I.E.L.D. satellites to track down the villain Zodiac. Spider-Man eventually free falls to Paris, surviving the fall due to a web ball he creates. So yes, Spider-Man can survive a free fall from space.

Superior Spider-Man MK. 2


This suit, designed by Otto Octavius while he was Spider-Man, is gorgeous yet lethal. The black and red outfit features carbonadium armor plating, retractable talons, enhanced lenses, and four mechanical spider arms for combat.

This suit is my personal favorite of all time. It is from one of Spider-Man strongest stories and represents Spider-Man’s relationship with one of his most iconic villains. It would be incredible to see in future games. The first edition of this suit is also wonderful, although more simple, and would be great to see used by Insomniac as well.


What suits do you want to see?

Any suits that you really love that I missed? What suit do you use in Marvel’s Spider-Man? Anybody excited for the new Superior Spider-Man ongoing comic? Let me know below.




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