Here are some sites/channels that I really love, that you should check out:

Sports Reference 

My go to source for stats from any of the major sports.  There are hundreds of years of sports history track on this site, and an ungodly number of stats.  It is easy to be sucked into here for long periods of time.


Reddit is called the front page of the internet for a reason.  I use reddit all the time, it is a surprisingly good tool.  It is where I get all my news from.  It is the best place to find concentrated communities dedicated a specific thing, not matter how big or small.


Anthony Fantano, aka theneedledrop, is the largest music critic on YouTube, and one of my personal favorites.  He posts in depth videos reviewing albums, and talking about the music industry in general.


Letterboxd is an awesome tool for anyone who wants to track the movies they watch.  There database features tens of thousands of films you can add to your collection, rate and review.  It is a great way to find new films to watch and see your viewing habits.  Here is my profile.


RedLetterMedia is a film review and comedy YouTube channel that produces really high quality content.  Their review series, Half in the Bag, is a great show that breaks down recent releases in a fair and unbiased fashion.  Oh and their show Nerd Crew is a hilarious satire of fan culture.

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