2018-19 NFL Picks Against the Spread: Week 2

Hey, I’m back. After my stellar record last year of 20-20-3 last year, I know people are frothing at the mouth to hear what I have to say. I missed week one, and missed A.J. Green’s touchdown party on Thursday night, but let’s get into the picks against the spread for week two:

Hey, I’m back. After my stellar record last year of 20-20-3 last year, I know people are frothing at the mouth to hear what I have to say. I missed week one, and missed A.J. Green’s touchdown party on Thursday night, but let’s get into the picks against the spread for week two:

Indianapolis Colts @ Washington Redskins (-6)

This Washington team has been flying under the radar this off season, but after week one they look the biggest threat to the Eagles in the NFC East. Now they don’t have have nearly the amount of talent as the Eagles, but they if they get hot they could give them a run for their money.

Pick: Washington (-6)

Kansas City Chiefs @ Pittsburgh Steelers (-5)

The Steelers tied with the Browns last week. Meanwhile the Chiefs beat a decent Chargers team, with speedy wide receiver Tyreek Hill going off for three total touchdowns. I still don’t know what the Steelers are, but since it is their home opener I will give them the benefit of the doubt

Pick: Steelers (-5.0)

Cleveland Browns @ New Orleans Saints (-9.5)

The Browns just surprised the league by announcing they will release troubled wide receiver Josh Gordon.  Regardless to the hit to their receiving corps the Browns still are not that terrible.  But the Saints are coming off an embarrassing shoot out loss to the Bucs.  I expect the Saints to return back to form and put a hurting on the Browns.

Pick: Saints (-9.5)

Philadelphia Eagles (-3.5) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers just pulled off the upset of the young NFL season with Ryan Fitzpatrick tossing for 400 yards and four touchdowns against the Saints. I know people are excited about the Fitz-magic, but the Super Bowl champs are coming in to shut down the party. Yes the Eagles are still short handed on the offensive side of the ball, without Alshon Jeffery and Carson Wentz, but their defense is still legit and should be able to handle the Bucs.

Pick: Eagles (-3.5)

Carolina Panthers @ Atlanta Falcons (-6.0)

The Falcons were embarrassed for a second game in a row as the Eagles shut them down in the redzone once again to start the season 0-1.  The Falcons really can’t afford to start 0-2 in a loaded NFC South, but the Panthers are a good team.  Plus the Falcons will be missing two vital parts of their defense, Keanu Neal and Deion Jones, for the foreseeable future. I don’t know if the Panthers will win, but it will be close enough to cover.

Pick: Panthers (+6.0)

Miami Dolphins @ New York Jets (-3.0)

The Jets put a spanking on the Lions on Monday night as rookie quarterback Sam Darnold looked really good in his professional debut. The Dolphins however are also at 1-0 after beating the Titans in a game that lasted over seven hours thanks to delays. All attention will be on the quarterbacks here, as both Sam Darnold and Ryan Tannehill have things to prove.

Pick: Dolphins (+3.0)

Houston Texans (-3.0) @ Tennessee Titans

Who knows what either of these teams are going to end up being this year. Texans’ quarterback Deshaun Watson didn’t look too sharp last week in a loss against the Patriots.  Then after a good season last year, the Titans are already facing adversity by having Marcus Mariota suffer an elbow injury. First year head coach Mike Vrabel has announced that both Mariota and backup Blaine Gabbert are expected to see playing time on Sunday.  That’s all I need to know to pick this one.

Pick: Texans (-3.0)

Los Angeles Chargers (-8.0) @ Buffalo Bills

The Bills are a mess. I don’t know how it took head coach Sean McDerrmott till week one to see that Nathan Peterman isn’t a good quarterback. Now rookie Josh Allen will get the start and I can’t see this team beating a Chargers team in need of a win.

Pick: Chargers (-8.0)

Detroit Lions @ San Francisco 49ers (-6.0)

Damn, that Lions game was hard to watch. I don’t think anyone expected the Jets to put up 48 points on Matt Patrica’s defense. To make things even worse for Lions fans there are already reports of strife in the Detroit locker room. Patrica needs to turn around this team around very quickly if he want to last for long in Detroit, but I don’t see it happening this week.

Pick: 49ers (-6.0)

Arizona Cardinals @ Los Angeles Rams (-13.5)

Oh sweet Sammy Selves. It still baffles me how much money this man has made in his career. How teams keep looking at Captain Checkdown and thinking he can win them games is insane. That being said, 13.5 is a hell of a lot of points, and to be honest the Rams didn’t look to sharp against the Raiders last week. I’m gonna guess the Cardinals somehow find a way to cover.

Pick: Cardinals (+13.5)

New England Patriots (-2.0) @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Give me the Patriots all day at this spread. That Jaguars’ offense is awful. They could barely get first downs last week against the Giants. They punted on every possession they had in the second half. Plus the Jaguars are likely to be without their best offensive weapon, Leonard Fornette who is dealing with a hamstring injury.

Pick: Patriots (-2.0)

Oakland Raiders @ Denver Broncos (-6.5)

Case Keenum is going to Case Keenum. He led the Broncos to victory over the Seahawks last week tossing for three touchdowns, but also threw three interceptions. Regardless he was good enough to win, and that’s all he needs to do with a defense as strong as the Broncos’. The Raiders on the other hand played the Rams well in the first half, but let it slip away. In the end I think this one will be close.

Pick: Raiders (+6.5)

New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys (-3.0)

In a battle of the NFC Least you have two franchises that have questionable futures. After winning Rookie of the Year two years ago, Cowboys’ quarterback Dak Prescott seems to be finally showing his true colors. He was downright awful on Sunday against the Panthers, and has raised questions as to whether he is the franchise quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. Then on the other side, rookie Saquan Barkley looks like he will make an immediate impact on the Giants’ offense, but after seeing Eli be Eli it is hard not to think they should have taken a young quarterback with the second overall pick in the most recent draft. It may sting even more since Sam Donald is balling out for their city rival. Regardless, give me the points here.

Pick: Giants (+3.0)

Seattle Seahawks @ Chicago Bears (-3.5)

Can Chicago bounce back after one of the most devastating week one victories we have ever seen? Are the Seahawks going to be able to compete in an improved NFC West? We will see what these teams are made of Monday night, and I feel the Bears come out on top.

Pick: Bears (-3.5)

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