Dark Souls Remastered Delayed on Nintendo Switch

Bandai Namco announced Tuesday, April 17th that the highly-anticipated “Dark Souls Remastered” will be delayed on Nintendo Switch.

The game, originally intended to be released on May 25, now has the ambiguous release window of  Summer 2018.  According to Dark Souls’ Twitter the PC, Xbox One and PS4 versions of the remaster are still slated to release on May 25.

Also, the announced technical test for “Dark Souls Remastered” on Nintendo Switch has also been delayed to be closer to the release date.  With this delay, the release of the upcoming Solaire of Astora amiibo will also be pushed back to accompany the release of the Nintendo Switch version.

Dark Souls Remastered, which was announced during a Nintendo Direct in January, is a graphically enhanced version of the 2011 classic.  It features all downloadable content, enhanced textures, better performance, stronger online and 4k resolution on capable platforms.  It will retail on all platforms for $40.

This is a strange delay since the intended release date is only about a month away at this point.   The Nintendo Switch edition of this game is the most anticipated version of “Dark Souls Remastered.”  Switch owners were begging to take the punishment of Dark Souls on the go, and the fact that Bandai Namco can’t deliver the game on time as intended is a disappointment.




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