Now Is the Perfect Time to Buy a PSVR

Last week PlayStation announced that they were slashing the price of their current PSVR bundles.

From now until March 2nd you can find multiple PSVR bundles starting at 199.99.  The bundles on sale include games such as Gran Turismo Sport, Doom VFR and Skyrim VR. Just be aware that the Gran Turismo for $199.99 includes the original version of the PSVR headset, while the other bundles include the newer version.


This discount presents the perfect time for gamers to jump on the VR bandwagon.  Me personally, I picked the Skyrim VR bundle for $349.99 from Dell, who was running a promotion that included a $100 gift card with the purchase.  I also had $60 in Dell rewards already stacked up so in total the unit wasn’t very expensive.


Originally I was a VR skeptic.  I thought it was going to be like the motion control trend of the late 2000s.  I thought it would be a bunch of gimmicky games, or experiences rather, that wouldn’t offer much substance.  You would play them for a bit, but get bored quickly, and all the games would force bad controls on you.  Those issues combined with it being so pricey really discouraged me initially.

However, this sale was too good to pass up.  I got my unit the other day and had my first experience with VR.  After the long setup process, putting on that headset blew me away.  I loaded up the included demo disk and went straight into Thumper, the demonic rhythm game.  I was just so surprised how vivid everything was and how immersed I felt in this hellscape after just seconds, bobbing my head to the beat.


As soon as I set the move controllers up I umped into Job Simulator.  It just felt surreal, being able to manipulate this world.  Walking around my cubicle, eating donuts and making coffee.  It sounds dumb, but just being able to feel that kind of responsive from a world was breathtaking.  Experiences like these just blew my expectations for VR out of the water.

job simulator

However, on top of PSVR being as cheap as it has ever been, PlayStation currently has a monster PS Plus Special sale on the PSN to coincide with the PSVR price slash.

Over a 100 games are on sale that you can play on your new PSVR.  The discounts on this sale are ridiculous and include some of PSVR’s very best games.  As a new PSVR owner, I don’t want to think about how much I have spent in this sale, but I know it has been worth it.


Huge VR titles such as Skyrim VR, Dirt Rally VR, Doom VFR and Resident Evil 7: Biohazard have seen significant discounts.  Launch titles such as PlayStation VR: Worlds, Batman: Arkham VR and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood are worth their discount price.  Then lastly, smaller games such as Superhot VR, Dick Wilde, Thumper and I Expect You to Die are all worth checking out.


Now is the perfect time to jump in.  Go to your local store, or preferred online retailer, do your self a favor and pick up a PSVR.  At this current price point, it is more than worth it for the bevy of engrossing experiences you can experience.  Add that to the current massive PSN sale and you, and your friends, can have an absolute blast entering into virtual reality.